for the record: chelsea of frolic

Posted on | 04 October 2009 | 3 Comments

i feel so lucky to have chelsea from {frolic!} participating as part of today's 'for the record' series. her blog is another that was a very early discovery for me, and has stuck ever since. her content always inspires, and introduces me to something new and wonderful. she covers fashion, interiors, and photography (to name a few), so it's really no wonder why i love her blog. and if you've got the time, peruse her tumblr -- it'll without a doubt get your creative wheels spinning. thanks so much, chelsea!

{image via frolic}

01. favorite designer? changes all the time but i always love margaret howell. her clothing designs are beautifully simplistic and organic.
02. favorite restaurant? le happy, a charming little crepe spot in portland.
03. currently playing on your ipod? hmmm. i don't own one but i am currently obsessed with a band called girls and i listen to them a lot on my laptop.
04. twenty-four hours to live: how would you spend your day? a gorgeous picnic in a meadow by the sea with my favorite people and my favorite food and of course lots of pretty decorations.
05. favorite artist? rothko
06. what/who inspires you most? i am most inspired by the changing seasons.
07. what is your typical day like? my life feels a bit atypical at the moment as i am on a little working vacation in sweden. wake up around 8. eat breakfast and make a plan for the day. sometimes, it's a list of errands for prop shopping and planning where i will go, my bus or bike routes, etc. other times, it's right to the computer for blogging. or sometimes to a coffee shop for blogging. right now, i spend a lot of my time traveling. i live outside the city but get around through transit or a bicycle. i love it though as the scenery is quite lovely. i usually set aside separate days for blogging, prop shopping, and shooting photos. i usually take a walk to the water or a bike ride in the evening. and end the day with some favorite tv shows or a book! back in portland i love to go to restaurants and concerts with friends too.
08. favorite movie? a room with a view
09. favorite place to travel? i love any chance i just get the opportunity to go to canada or to new england. and i love being in europe!
10. if you hadn't chosen your field, what alternative career would you be pursuing? in another life, where i get to control what talents i get, i'd be a ballet or modern dancer! in reality, i'd love to be a flower farmer or work with the elderly community teaching them gardening or flower arranging. i just love the older community and i think they so often get ignored in our society.


3 Responses to “for the record: chelsea of frolic”

  1. Chelsea
    10/5/09, 9:21 AM

    Thanks so much for the interview, Jessica!!

  2. Shokoofeh
    10/13/09, 9:57 AM

    :) I loved reading this answers and questions! Thanks!

  3. lizzy
    10/13/09, 10:56 AM

    thanks so much for feauturing this interview. i've been enjoying chelsea's blog for sometime, but it felt rather impersonal, like i never knew the mind behind it.
    i especially appreciated her thoughts on using her talents to bless others, particularly the elderly.