[graphics] studio round...

Posted on | 24 August 2010 | 2 Comments

I'm completely smitten with the work of Studio Round. They churn out the type of design I dream of doing; clean, modern, timeless and completely captivating.

It was near impossible to choose one project I liked best, but their print publication for Broadsheet really stood out to me. It's all about the images and clean, prominent type.


2 Responses to “[graphics] studio round...”

  1. Ta
    8/25/10, 7:16 AM

    this is a beautifully lain out paper!

  2. Happenstance
    8/25/10, 3:40 PM

    Love this. Makes me want to start a paperzine. Wouldn't that be funny? Starting a newspaper in this time of tech. But then, isn't it tech that makes something like Broadsheet look so cool?:)