for the record: susy of heysusy*

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...check out susy's beautiful composed and endlessly inspiring blog here!

1. FAVORITE DESIGNER? i know this is probably not a great way to answer the first question...and many will think i'm a moron. but seriously? it's me. i have a policy to always stick up for my own work. but, i'll say that for fashion, i'm partial to halston, vivienne westwood, alexander mcqueen, and helmut lang.
2. FAVORITE RESTAURANT? anything korean or mexican...i like to go where i can kick back and try something new. love koreatown in nyc.
3. FAVORITE DAILY READS? what possessed me, melissa loves, creature comforts. nice people writing about good things!
4. WHAT CAN'T YOU TRAVEL WITHOUT? lipstick! definitely!
5. LAST BOOK YOU READ? native son by richard wright
6. FAVORITE MOVIE? sixteen candles. rushmore. doubt.
7. WHAT'S FOR BREAKFAST? leftovers, if i am lucky! ideally, huevos rancheros.
8. STYLE ICON? i try not to idolize...i support and get inspired by anyone who has their own style. even if their style is to wear things others might not like.
9. BIGGEST SELF-INDULGENCE? being a designer.
10. FAVORITE CITY FOR SHOPPING? new york city - manhattan
11. WHOSE DIARY WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO READ? hmmm. abraham lincoln probably.
12. FAVORITE FURNITURE DESIGNER? i don't have one. i am so not up on furniture!
13. FAVORITE FLOWER? peony for it's chaos...phlox for it's scent...queen anne's lace for it's ability to grow such a delicate pad of blossoms even in the worst soil...
14. ALWAYS IN YOUR CLOSET? a perfect white tee, or tank.
15. FAVORITE HOBBY? eating. trying new foods.
16. WHO/WHAT INSPIRES YOU MOST? anyone who has the courage to go against the grain in a thoughtful way. i love that.
17. WHAT PIECE OF ART WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO OWN? a rothko from his signature period.
19. FAVORITE MUSICIANS? jonathan richman, led zeppelin, make up, beatles
20. CURRENTLY COVETING? that's a good question...probably this. haha. just kidding! actually...this.

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  1. Michelle
    7/12/10, 11:15 AM

    So funny, I would want to read Abe's diary too, I love him.