the big eat...

Posted on | 13 May 2010 | 2 Comments

spent the past day and a half up in san francisco for a brief work trip which was great fun, but also a total tease. that city has so much to see design and art-wise, and so much to eat! i could've easily stayed a week. though i am giving myself a pat on the back as we managed to hit four of 'the big eat sf: 100 things to try before you die' spots in under two days. let's just say it's a good thing i packed leggings.

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1. zazie: eggs over medium on polenta with tomato chevre, mushrooms and onions
2. tartine: eclair, lemon cream tart & hazelnut chocolate tart
3. pizzeria delphina: margherita pizza
4. suppenküche: käsespätzle mit zwiebel-buttersoße und gemischtem salat (translation: cheese spätzle in onion butter sauce served with a small mixed salad)


2 Responses to “the big eat...”

  1. C
    5/13/10, 9:59 AM

    I remember I was led on a merry-go-round searching for Tartine but it turned out to be completely worth it. Did you go to the famous ferry building? You would have ticked off quite a few things there:) Zazie looks great, its going on my list!

  2. nyc lu
    5/14/10, 12:52 PM

    ah, there is a tartine in NYC, too. i wonder if it is the same? i've been meaning to try it forever! maybe ill have to take the plunge now :)