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...check out connie's blog for some wonderful product that's sure to beef up your wish list.

1. FAVORITE DESIGNER? there are so many talented designers, but marchesa is one of my favorites of the moment.

2. FAVORITE RESTAURANT? as a foodie, it's hard to choose...perhaps it would be father's office or pizzeria mozza (both in LA).
3. TOP 3 BLOGS/DAILY READS? wow, that's a tough question. destined to design is one of them obviously! i really enjoy and read so many blogs on a daily basis, but if i absolutely have to narrow it down to two other design blogs: dress, design & décor, and {frolic!}.
4. WHAT CAN'T YOU TRAVEL WITHOUT? a good book, my blackberry, hand sanitizer, cashmere scarf/wrap and headphones/ipod – all tucked into my favorite leather travel tote that i scored for only $100 at a sample sale.
5. LAST BOOK YOU READ? it’s been awhile since i’ve read a new book sadly, but i think the last one was sunday at tiffany’s by james patterson (one of my favorites). i plan on picking up a few since i’ll be traveling soon (the perfect time to catch up on some reading)!
6. FAVORITE MOVIE? pride & prejudice (roman holiday and love actually are close seconds).
7. WHAT'S FOR BREAKFAST? unless i have a meeting or plans outside the office, breakfast is usually just a cup of tea most weekdays!
audrey hepburn - timeless and always elegant. reese witherspoon for modern day.
11. WHOSE DIARY WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO READ? jenna lyons, creative director of j.crew. she seems to lead a fulfilling, interesting and creative life - plus, i love her style.
12. FAVORITE FURNITURE DESIGNER? it may be cliché, but i quite like jonathan adler's entire line!
13. FAVORITE FLOWER? peonies - they are simply beautiful.
14. ALWAYS IN YOUR CLOSET? ballet flats and dark denim.
15. FAVORITE THING TO DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? shopping with friends, discovering new restaurants, curling up on the couch with a movie.
16. WHO INSPIRES YOU MOST? my parents
17. WHAT PIECE OF ART WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO OWN? one of my clients, laura su of prismera design, offers custom fashion illustrations and i’m dying to own one of my own!
18. IF YOU WEREN'T A PUBLICIST, WHAT ALTERNATIVE CAREER WOULD YOU BE PURSUING? wow, this is another tough question. i love working with creative individuals, bringing their goals to life. it really could be a range of possibilities – but maybe a event planner.
19. FAVORITE MUSICIANS? i don’t have a favorite musician (more like songs of the moment), but listen to a wide range of musical styles.
20. CURRENTLY COVETING? loeffler randall matilde boots have been on my wish list for years now. i fell in love with them when they first debuted, but i still can’t bring myself to spend almost $700 for them.

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  1. Daniella
    4/26/10, 10:53 AM

    Oh how lovely to get to know Connie more! Great questions... and answers! Love to read Jenna's diary too, that would be an interesting one!...

    Thanks for the link love too Connie :)