home tour (sort of): santa barbara

Posted on | 02 March 2010 | 3 Comments

my jaw dropped upon entrance to my sister's cozy spanish-style abode on a trip to santa barbara this weekend. i couldn't get over how cute it was! unfortunately i didn't have my camera to snap some real shots, but my iphone did a pretty decent job capturing the flea market/collected essence of it all. kudos, sis.

...photos by destined to design


3 Responses to “home tour (sort of): santa barbara”

  1. ashlina
    3/2/10, 1:36 PM

    so adorable!

  2. JRDM designs & photography
    3/2/10, 11:08 PM

    this is pretty much AMAZING! Soooooo cute-
    great shots jess =)

  3. Drew
    3/13/10, 7:44 PM

    I have to say, the way the iPhone alters colors in inside light actually made the shots look even better than they would have with a normal camera.

    Thanks for posting this.