for the record: alexis of la roo

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*care to be blown away? take a look at alexis' flickr. she's an ansel adams in the making. and, of course, her blog at la roo.

1. favorite designer? tom ford
2. favorite restaurant? in LA: gjelina on abbot kinney. in vancouver: guu, chambar & finch's tea & coffee house
3. favorite place to have a drink? the hms bounty
4. what can’t you travel without? a book, music and my camera
5. last book you read? middlesex by jeffrey eugenides. barack obama's dreams of my father is an ongoing endeavor.
6. any pets? still counting down to puppydom.
7. what’s for breakfast? steak! eggs!
8. at age seven, you wanted to be... my mom.
9. biggest self-indulgence? french fries, ridiculously hot showers, and so you think you can dance.
10. favorite place to shop? melrose trading post
11. whose diary would you most like to read? the dalai lama's. i could use a little mentoring on living mindfully and being present.
12. favorite furniture designers? ralph pucci, christian liaigre, alison berger (lighting)
13. car? in no particular order: red or blue-grey 1965 mustang convertible, white ragtop, white interior; sea-green 1957 chevy bel air station wagon, white interior. and if it wasn't such a gas guzzler, i'd be all over a 1970 ford bronco right now.
14. always in your closet? shoes!
15. hobbies? eating, reading, talking, exploring, blogging, surfing, laughing, singing in the car and snapping pics.
16. hero? anyone who doesn't let their fears hold them back in life.
17. what piece of art would you most like to own? a photograph by alex maclean or a painting by akira iha.
18. favorite vacation spot? depending on the mood: paris, tofino or anywhere reachable by a proper road trip.
19. favorite musicians? the shins, the black keys, bon iver, jeff tweedy, neko case, radiohead, ella fitzgerald, muddy waters, the beatles


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