for the record: jane of simple + pretty

Posted on | 01 February 2010 | 5 Comments

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1. favorite designer? anything minimal works for me, but right now, francisco costa at calvin klein has my eye
2. favorite restaurant? i really don't have one: i like small, simple + relaxed eateries
3. favorite place to have a drink? on our back patio, the first warm evening of spring (with friends)
4. what can’t you travel without? i must have my iphone to watch tv shows in flight + to feel connected (or that i could be connected) while away.
5. last book you read? grace (eventually) by anne lamott
6. any pets? we have a 6 year old german shorthaired pointer
7. what’s for breakfast? coffee + oatmeal if i'm good; pastry if i'm not.
8. at age seven, you wanted to be... a doctor
9. biggest self-indulgence? handbags + shoes
10. favorite place to shop? j.crew + barneys
11. whose diary would you most like to read? i'm going with martha stewart
12. favorite furniture designers? george smith has some pretty chairs...
13. car? my mini cooper
14. always in your closet? cardigans, t-shirts, and jeans
15. hobbies? magazine reading + analysis :)
16. hero? anyone who pursues what they love + stands up for what they believe in (paul farmer is a great example)
17. what piece of art would you most like to own? too many! but i'm thankful for my "art wall". each piece has personal meaning + for most, i've "met" the artist through blogging.
18. favorite vacation spot? i feel most at home in boston
19. favorite musicians? wilco, coldplay, the killers


5 Responses to “for the record: jane of simple + pretty”

  1. Jane
    2/1/10, 10:59 AM

    thanks, jessica!

    by the way, i'd love to curl up in picture 3 right now. looks warm + welcoming  :)

    jane @ simple + pretty

    (comment links to my old blog)

  2. simplesong
    2/1/10, 11:40 AM

    yay - jane is one of my favs + loved getting to know her more!

  3. Jane Flanagan
    2/1/10, 12:08 PM

    Oh I love to learn something new about Jane! Thanks for sharing this ladies!!

  4. Anonymous
    2/1/10, 12:53 PM

    Ohh I love Jane from simple + pretty! Thanks for featuring her here!

  5. Jenny
    2/1/10, 6:39 PM

    always love "for the record"!