this year i will...

Posted on | 01 January 2010 | No Comments

i compiled a decent-sized list of things i'd like to accomplish this year. i know everyone is very hyped for twenty-ten, and i can't wait to see what new beginnings and exciting opportunities it brings. i can't remember the last time i didn't have a solid goal and destination in mind, so for now i'm going to see where each day takes me. wishing you all the best for the new year...

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1. get my etsy shop launched
2. read one book per month
3. launch the website for a side project i've been working on
4. sign-up for pilates, french, graphic design, calligraphy & cooking classes
5. finish decorating my apartment
6. work on photography more & save up for a new lens
7. organize a supper club with some ladies who love to eat & cook as much as i do
8. finish compiling my cookbook with the thousands of recipes i've accumulated
9. maintain my morning runs & go hiking on the weekends
10. be more grateful & never turn down an opportunity for something new