for the record: jane of ill seen, ill said

Posted on | 11 January 2010 | 17 Comments

*visit jane's brilliant blog, ill seen, ill said, to find an abundance of more amazing fashion, photography & literature.

1. favorite designer? it’s impossible to play favorites, but humanoid, day birger et mikkelsen and morrison epitomize my style.
2. favorite restaurant? my cozy local, the rebel house in toronto
3. favorite place to have a drink? grogan’s in dublin, the rooftop at the hyatt in toronto
what can’t you travel without? books, moleskine, camera
5. last book you read? two lives by william trevor
6. any pets? no - but i’d love to rescue an older dog
7. what’s for breakfast? a boring protein shake
8. at age seven, you wanted to be... a writer
9. biggest self-indulgence? nice hotels. i’m getting too cantankerous to slum it!
10. favorite place to shop? online: infinite choice & no crowds to contend with!
11. whose diary would you most like to read? whoever i'm crushing on. if there's no crush, paul auster's.
12. favorite furniture designers? martha sturdy, BDDW, ochre
13. car? i don’t drive, but i aspire to a zipcar account
14. always in your closet? scarves, i wear them year round. tank tops, jeans and flats too.
15. hobbies? photography, cooking, reading
16. hero? samuel beckett
17. what piece of art would you most like to own? a beckett portrait by louis le brocquy
18. favorite vacation spot? my happiest holiday was in northern italy, though perhaps that was because i was in love.
19. favorite musicians? joni mitchell, leonard cohen, hayden


17 Responses to “for the record: jane of ill seen, ill said”

  1. Apt. #34
    1/11/10, 10:40 AM

    Exceptional choices!

  2. simplesong
    1/11/10, 10:51 AM

    love this! and love learning more about jane. thanks!

  3. nikole
    1/11/10, 8:35 PM

    love this. jane, the rebel house, how do we not see one another there?

  4. Jane Flanagan
    1/11/10, 8:39 PM

    Thanks Jessica for asking me to participate!

    Nikole! I have no idea. There are some weeks when I feel like I've taken up permanent residence there!!

  5. The Silent Storyteller
    1/11/10, 10:51 PM

    I love it to!!! What a great collage....nice answers!!

  6. Stephanie
    1/12/10, 3:21 AM

    What great answers. I love Jane's style!

  7. Jane
    1/12/10, 3:52 AM

    i agree with suann: it's nice to learn more about jane. thanks for featuring her!


  8. nkp
    1/12/10, 5:39 AM

    Ah, to be exposed to such brilliance. Yeah, I'm talking about you Jane. You are just so darn inspirational. Thanks ladies!

  9. karey m.
    1/12/10, 6:00 AM

    loved this. made my morning...

    and my husband and i were just discussing how we can only travel very well these days. cantankerous! not the word we used for each other! ahaha.

    i do like your style, jane flanagan.

  10. Anonymous
    1/12/10, 6:18 AM

    What a fun way to learn more about your favorite bloggers. Isn't Jane just lovely?

  11. destined to design
    1/12/10, 6:47 AM

    she is, indeed! i learned so much compiling this interview - she is a plethora of all the coolest resources and information!

    thanks again, jane! :)

  12. Jane Flanagan
    1/12/10, 7:42 AM

    Thanks everyone and Jessica especially. I keep coming back to look into Paul Auster's bedroom eyes!

  13. Jill
    1/12/10, 7:47 AM

    i love jane and her blog! it's great to get a little peek into her favorite things.

  14. Rachel
    1/12/10, 1:12 PM

    It's so fun to see a bit more of Jane! She's so wonderful.

  15. Geisslein
    1/13/10, 7:02 AM

    LOVE Jane´s blog! Always an inspiration for me and she is such a lovely girl!

  16. blue moss
    1/14/10, 5:16 AM

    loved learning more about jane and love the collage of janes favorites :)

  17. Christina
    1/14/10, 6:07 AM

    i adore jane's blog! she is my blog crush. : )