for the record: daniella of dress, design & decor

Posted on | 15 February 2010 | 7 Comments

*for more of daniella, check out her two fabulous blogs: dress, design & decor | inspiration for wellbeing

1. favorite designer? this is a hard one! chanel of course, but i tend to love certain pieces from different designers. there's just so many great new collections each season. for graphic design, my current crush is mika 78. gorgeous work!
2. favorite restaurant? any restaurant by the charcoal group, especially wildcraft – i've always had an amazing meal there, as well as a perfectly mixed drink.
3. what can’t you travel without? my own pillowcase.
4. last book you read? french women don't get fat by mireille guiliano
5. any pets? a siamese kitty named miley – who thinks she's a dog.
6. what’s for breakfast? in a perfect world – tea and a scottish scone with jam and fresh cream. in reality – fruit, toast with jam, or starbucks with a croissant way too late in the morning.
7. biggest self-indulgence? cupcakes from the cakebox.
8. favorite place to shop? most definitely j.crew.
9. whose diary would you most like to read? as of today, marie antoinette's.
10. favorite furniture designers? i love ochre...feminine, yet simplistic.
11. car? i have a cavalier, but i'd love a mini cooper or black infiniti.
12. always in your closet? skinny jeans and ballet flats.
13. hobbies? buying way too many magazines, collecting beautiful letterpress cards, stationery design, getting miley all wound up, and spending hours on end at chapters with starbucks in hand.

14. hero? i don't really have a hero per se, but i do find inspiration in writers, artists and other individuals that i really admire.
15. what piece of art would you most like to own? i just can't commit to choosing one piece of art! i'd rather own first editions of some of my favorite books. i love the simplistic covers & binding.
16. favorite vacation spot? scotland to see my family, paris for it's beauty and magic.
17. favorite musicians? music is pretty random for me. i like carrie underwood, paramore, britney, coldplay, sarah bareilles, modest mouse...but i mostly listen to a whole lot of singles from all different kinds of genres on my itunes.


7 Responses to “for the record: daniella of dress, design & decor”

  1. Jane Flanagan
    2/15/10, 9:02 PM

    What a great list! This is a new-to-me blog and I love it!

  2. vicki archer
    2/16/10, 5:47 AM

    Great interview...xv

  3. Marija
    2/16/10, 6:36 AM

    At last - list of interesting questions! And great answers (not surprisingly!). Love this. Marija

  4. Sarah Klassen
    2/16/10, 2:40 PM

    What a fun interview!

    I love the literature + coordinating images -- just lovely. (I agree with Marija, these questions are wonderful)


  5. destined to design
    2/16/10, 10:32 PM

    Thanks for all your kind words + new visitors! And a special thanks to Daniella - wonderful interview for a wonderful blog(ger). :)

  6. Apt. #34
    2/18/10, 9:10 PM

    another fabulous profile! I love these - such a fun idea!

  7. joanna of simple blueprint
    2/19/10, 12:09 AM

    what a fun interview! great the questions. great answers. so fun to get to know Daniella away from her oh so fabulous and inspiring blogs.