for the record: jennifer of a merry mishap

Posted on | 30 November 2009 | 2 Comments

for the second installment of for the record interviews, the lovely jennifer of a merry mishap has been so kind as to participate. jennifer's blog is always chock-full of beautiful interiors, stationary, and perfectly refined fashion. if you're not already following her, get to it. thanks so much for participating, jennifer!
favorite designer? it's incredibly hard to pick a favorite designer! they change constantly but i always love everything by phillip lim.
favorite restaurant?
i'm really fond of this local restaurant called angell's. my husband took my there for one of our first "real" dates.
favorite place to have a drink?
i really don't drink. i did go with a friend to a wine tasting last summer at a local saturday market.
what can’t you travel without?
for me, it's more like who can't i travel without. these days it would definitely be my 8 week old son. it's almost impossible to leave him!
last book you read?
well, this isn't very glamorous, but to be perfectly honest, i read through the baby book. a great resource for first time moms!
any pets?
we have a 2 year old dachshund/spaniel mix. she's a lot like a little person, she enjoys sitting on the couch with me, watching martha stewart in the mornings!
what’s for breakfast?
lately, i can't stop eating spinach & havarti omelets. in the summertime, it's some sort of berry medley!
at age seven, you wanted to seven, i wanted to be a fashion model. children are so innocent!
biggest self-indulgence?
reese's cups. i remember i got a bag of miniature reese's one year for christmas, and they were gone that afternoon!
favorite place to shop?
online! especially now that i'm home with a little one, i don't know how i'd have time to do any shopping were it not for online shops! etsy is a great place for me to find a little of everything in one stop.
favorite furniture designers? i'm a sucker for anything by charles & ray eames. everything they designed was so beautiful and timeless that i think i could fill my house with furniture just from them!
car? i don't know much about cars but my husband and i love land rovers and the audi A8.
always in your closet?
dresses. they're the easiest, most fool-proof outfits. throw one on with a blazer or cardigan and a pair of boots or heels. extremely versatile and a life saver now that i have to pull myself together in less than half an hour! at the moment, this one would be the perfect all-day dress for me.
before my son arrived, i loved crafting. anything that i could sew, paint, embroider or crochet. i'd love to get back to that someday.
easily, my mom. sounds cliche but she really is extraordinary. i couldn't possibly begin to tell you what an example and inspiration she is to me. she is a 4th grade bilingual teacher who also mentors other young teachers, is working on her master's degree, finds time to come help me out with cooking or cleaning when my son refused to sleep through the night and is one of the best cooks! she's a best friend to her 3 sisters, a shopping buddy to my sister, a comedian to my son and a second mom to my husband. i could want nothing more than to be more like her!
what piece of art would you most like to own?
my husband is an illustrator and adores one of his old art professors, bill carman. as dates, we used to go to local galleries to see his latest work. i wouldn't mind owning one of his paintings. i also like anything that comes out of studio violet.
favorite vacation spot?
it's been over 2 years since we've been on a real vacation, so almost anywhere! we're warm weather people so it would have to be some place warm, and definitely with a beach. my family is from guatemala and i would love to take my husband and son there someday!
favorite musicians?
they're a bit dark but i've been liking the dead weather. my husband has followed jack white and all of his bands and it's a bit contagious. on a lighter note, florence and the machine is downloaded on my phone right now and i love their music videos!


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  1. *kk*
    12/3/09, 8:49 AM

    i loved rading this! i always like to learn more about the person behind the blog!

  2. JB
    12/9/09, 9:41 AM

    very fun info..thanks for posting!