for the record: aly

Posted on | 12 October 2009 | No Comments

today's 'for the record' feature is all in the family. i've interviewed none other than my lovely sister, aly. though not a blogger, she certainly puts any writing skills i have to shame. an arts and entertainment writer for the santa barbara independent, it's safe to say she's got her finger on the pulse when it comes to fantastic new music and film. she can also bake, draw and hunt a flea market like it's nobody's business. needless to say, i've learned a few things from her. so without further adieu, i present you with her top 10 list. thanks for sharing, seester!

{image of coral peony via flickr}

01. favorite designer? in an ideal world, chloe for fancy parties and vintage finds for everything else.
02. favorite restaurant? i’ve never eaten there, but for liquid meals the bar at the chateau marmont is perfection.
03. currently playing on your ipod? oh jesus…monsters of folk, deer tick, grizzly bear, WHY?, j. tillman, a band from portland called church, a band from ventura called the spires. the list is never ending.
04. twenty-four hours to live: how would you spend your day? i think i’d rent a bus and make all my friends and family road trip up the coast. i imagine it would be like a comedy central roast on wheels.
05. favorite artist? charlie harper and mary blair are up there.
06. what/who inspires you most? good, weird live music is definitely number one. after that, i’d say antique shops, people watching, and secluded bits of nature.
07. what is your typical day like? the boring days are all editing and e-mailing and meetings. the fun days i get to pick musicians’ brains—and write stories about it from the comforts of home.
08. favorite movie? probably the royal tenenbaums.
09. favorite place to travel? i’d go back to manhattan in a minute.
10. if you hadn't chosen your field, what alternative career would you be pursuing? restaurateur…or stationary designer.