daylesford organic

Posted on | 21 October 2009 | 4 Comments

woke up this morning wishing there was a daylesford organic in los angeles. the minimalistic product shots alone have got me drooling, but the location in the cotswolds and staffordshire are even more enticing. they even have a cookery school! this is going on my "one day..." list.

{images via daylesford organic}


4 Responses to “daylesford organic”

  1. rc9322
    10/21/09, 8:28 PM

    one of these days, jess... a vacation to a european cooking school. definitely a possibility!

  2. destined to design
    10/22/09, 7:43 AM

    don't tease me!

  3. simplesong
    10/22/09, 7:39 PM

    love daylesford ... would love to visit one day.

  4. Saltina
    10/24/09, 1:30 PM

    Those product shots are inspiring. I'm hungry now.