for the record: kt of let's have a ball and biscuit

Posted on | 13 September 2009 | No Comments

the next lovely individual in the "for the record" series is KT of let's have a ball and biscuit. a somewhat recent additional to my blogroll, i always love what she posts. whether it's designer stationary, a fabulous clothing collection, or how renée zellweger happened to snag bradley cooper, it's guaranteed to be bookmark-worthy. so a big thanks to KT for contributing -- if you haven't already discovered her blog, get on it.

{image via let's have a ball and biscuit}

01. favorite designer? this is a really hard question in the midst of fashion week. ruffian, stella mccartney, victoria beckham, and derek lam are my favorites.
02. favorite restaurant? royal thai. it's a chain in nashville but i love their food, i could eat there everyday.
03. currently playing on your ipod? ratatat's remixes mixtape vol. 1 & 2; kid cudi; mylo; pony pony run week it will be something completely different.
04. twenty-four hours to live: how would you spend your day? i would take a ride in a hot air balloon and selectively choose who rode with me.
05. favorite artist? illustrator stina persson
06. what/who inspires you most? coffee table books, fashion, architecture.
07. what is your typical day like? wake up, feed the dog, check emails, check blogs. work on freelance, go to a meeting then go sell clothes for a few hours. get home, feed the dog, check emails, check blogs, work on more freelance. life's getting boring the older i get.
08. favorite movie? best in show
09. favorite place to travel? paris
10. if you hadn't chosen your field, what alternative career would you be pursuing? i don't really know what my field is anymore. i got my degree in design communications and i'm using it somewhat. i've thought about doing something in the dental field but the monotony of it would drive me bonkers. anything i ever do will have to be somewhat creative.