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next up on to the to-do list? take a calligraphy class. the art form may seem a little archaic at this point, but i've always had this dream of creating those beautiful invitations with the swirly lettering and perfect line weights on them. at one of my old jobs, i used to dig the invitation envelopes out of the trash that had the address done in calligraphy because i thought they were so stunning. now if i could only find someone in l.a. that teaches it. all leads welcome.

{images from top via 100 layer cake & b.dunlap}


4 Responses to “calligraphy”

  1. Jane Farr
    10/1/09, 2:09 PM

    These excellent LA area calligraphers also teach:
    Barbara Close
    Xandra Zamora

    Best wishes.

  2. KT
    10/2/09, 8:05 AM

    What a fun idea! You could start doing wedding invitations on the side!

  3. destined to design
    10/2/09, 11:28 AM

    awesome! thanks for the heads-up, i'll definitely look into them. :)

  4. destined to design
    10/2/09, 11:29 AM

    kt - i like your thinking. ;)