Posted on | 24 July 2009 | 2 Comments

so georgia has been my long time standby font for as long as i can remember. to me, it's always been the most perfect serif. i've tried new ones; a little gentium here, a little times new roman there, but i've always gone back to georgia. until this week, when i fell in love with geneva. something about the type is so crisp and modern. what is your favorite font?

{image via identifont}


2 Responses to “geneva”

  1. Richie Designs
    7/28/09, 9:25 PM

    Gil Sans won't steer you wrong either!

    I have one from Veer that has become a favorite for invites everyone seems to love it.


  2. Jess
    7/29/09, 8:10 AM

    awesome, thanks! i've never used gil sans, i'll definitely have to check it out after my geneva obsession dies down a bit.