what type are you?

Posted on | 07 January 2010 | 12 Comments

take two minutes out of your day to take this sweet interactive survey to find out what typeface you are. trust me, you won't regret it. i got archer hairline.

...via pentagram

*EDIT: sorry! the password is "character".


12 Responses to “what type are you?”

  1. Daniella
    1/7/10, 10:53 AM

    OMG, this is so cool! Great post as always, thanks for sharing! And you got archer!! I love that font, I was so happy when Martha Stewart didn't own the license anymore, I immediately went and got the whole suite!

  2. Daniella
    1/7/10, 10:58 AM

    Hmmm... ok this may be a silly question... but where do I get a password for it? Do I need to sign up somewhere?

  3. jessica | destined to design
    1/7/10, 11:06 AM

    Not a silly question, sorry about that - I added it to the post. The password is "character".

    ...didn't realize MS owned the rights to Archer Hairline. I've definitely got to download it now!

  4. Daniella
    1/7/10, 11:14 AM

    Thanks! I figured it out, lol... I got Marina Script. I like it! I haven't heard it before but the way he describes it - i totally agree!

  5. escapade
    1/7/10, 1:39 PM

    I got Archer Hairline too! - I actually think it's a perfect fit.
    Thanks for sharing this, it was fun

  6. Janneke
    1/10/10, 9:04 AM

    nice one! thanks for sharing :)

  7. paula
    1/11/10, 11:25 AM

    It seems I am archer hairline too.

  8. Karyn
    1/11/10, 9:36 PM

    cooper black italic. that was fun and interesting.

  9. Anonymous
    1/31/10, 10:28 PM

    cooper black italic! "...soft serifs, casual curves..."

  10. Fee
    2/28/10, 2:52 AM

    I hadn't seen this font before, it is so stylish. Am I right in thinking I should be able do download it from Pentagram somehow after doing the what-type-are-you quiz? Or else what is the password for? I really hope so, I'd love to use this font.

  11. jessica | destined to design
    2/28/10, 11:05 AM

    No, unfortunately the password is just to take the quiz. You would have to buy the font if you wanted it. Wish that were the case though!

  12. Fee
    3/2/10, 9:45 AM

    That's a real shame! Thanks for you answer.