friday favorites № 7

Posted on | 07 January 2011 | 2 Comments

Photo by J Zorn
1. A brilliant combo: Compai's new column on Design for Mankind.
2. Subtle and inspiring — Closet & Casa with Abby Kellett.
3. Recent blog discovery I'm really enjoying this week: At Home At Home.
4. Topping my wish list these days: a Mjolk tea kettle.
5. A dream apartment in Maine. One day I'd really like to visit.
6. Inspired by Blair Sligar's craftsmanship, which reminds me a bit of these guys.
7. The incredibly stylish Luke Langsdale.
8. A design quote that I believe is quite true.
9. Beautiful tone-on-tone colors and textures in this photo.
10. Almost as good as the Closet Visit's themselves: a collection of outtakes from 2010.


2 Responses to “friday favorites № 7”

  1. design for mankind.
    1/8/11, 7:32 AM

    ahhh thanks friend! i always love your friday favorites!

  2. Justina Blakeney
    1/8/11, 9:43 AM

    Thanks darling! These links are all so good. That At Home At Home blog is awesome as well. I smell a So Cal design blogger coffee / meet up soon huh?