[wish list] backpacks...

Posted on | 06 October 2010 | 3 Comments

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In the market for a backpack. Would you mind helping me decide...?


3 Responses to “[wish list] backpacks...”

  1. Anonymous
    10/6/10, 8:40 AM

    ha, how fun..just recently bough myself a very similar one as the leather/suede black! very cool! xoxo

  2. Nicole Sylianteng
    10/6/10, 11:03 PM

    just got the fjallraven a month ago in black. fits my laptop and other stuff. the straps that go over your shoulders are like the ones you see in front, so it actually feels kinda... cheap? not that i don't think it's cute, and i would vote that you get it anyway, but a non designy person will probably not get it :)

  3. Anonymous
    10/7/10, 8:41 AM

    Thanks, Nikki! I trust your judgement. The Fjallraven seems to be in favor anyway. Now to decide on color...:)