friday favorites № 2

Posted on | 30 October 2010 | 2 Comments

1. Stunning shorelines by David Burdeny.
2. A bookmark-worthy wedding party.
3. Autumn color inspiration.
4. Brilliant illustrations of Paris and New York clichés.
5. Tasty plates and classic design in Silverlake.
6. A perfect translation of menswear on a woman.
7. Inspiring shots of the Hillside House by Carl Louis Maston.
8. Artwork come to life in some great street style.
9. Black oxfords + cropped trousers - recent wardrobe staples.
10. Nothing more than the beautiful simplicities of life in fall.

Wishing you all a happy Halloween weekend!


2 Responses to “friday favorites № 2”

  1. jennifer ▲ i art u
    10/30/10, 3:45 PM

    i love all of these links! especially brian's amazing.
    hope you're having a good weekend!

  2. Sarah Klassen
    10/31/10, 10:57 PM

    Great links! I hope you had a fabulous weekend,