[style] pixie cut

Posted on | 01 September 2010 | 6 Comments

I wish I had the guts (and the face) to go pixie.


6 Responses to “[style] pixie cut”

  1. Mallory
    9/1/10, 11:00 AM

    I wish the same thing daily. I'm completely miserable at styling my hair in any fashion - a pixie cut would make my life such a happier place... if it looked good, that is.

  2. Anna Liesemeyer
    9/1/10, 12:12 PM

    Emma Watson's current pixie is probably my fave!

  3. alli/hooray
    9/1/10, 1:30 PM

    love these and wish I could pull them off too.

  4. Nicole Sylianteng
    9/1/10, 1:43 PM

    yeah you really need that Tinkerbell kind of head.

  5. destined to design
    9/1/10, 2:29 PM

    Totally, Nikki...

  6. creatingwordswiththebard
    9/28/10, 7:08 PM

    I always thought like you did...I need a small head/face to do the pixie. One day, though, I decided I wanted my hair cut like that and I would spend the extra money for a professional who wouldn't butcher my hair. I had short hair like this for about 2 years. I loved it. Easy up keep ever.

    Just do it.

    (Also, I just found your blog. I love it. We have such similar taste)