[interior] orange door

Posted on | 07 September 2010 | 4 Comments

What a statement! Love this punch of orange on an otherwise completely white façade. I'm so drawn to color when it's used minimally, but dramatically.

Image spotted on the portfolio of Peden+Munk.


4 Responses to “[interior] orange door”

  1. Mallory
    9/8/10, 12:53 AM

    this is perfect. the sort of color i'd NEVER think to use for a door... but, it works wonderfully.

  2. jacqueline.
    9/8/10, 5:30 AM

    Totally agree with you, and orange is such a warm happy colour too, perfect welcome for the front door..

  3. Michelle
    9/8/10, 7:05 AM

    Oh! I love it! Plus the lights, I wish I had room for two of them flanking the door.

  4. size too small
    9/8/10, 7:38 AM

    the color looks like it's brighter up top and starts to fade as it goes down which is a fun effect. but i think it's probably just the picture.