weekly roundup...

Posted on | 27 August 2010 | 3 Comments

  • Ever wonder what you can see & eat in 10 hours in New York with $100? Take a look at what Bonnie did - she should win an award.
  • Yasmin Sewell is endlessly chic. I'm convinced she has the most enviable sunglasses collection in existence. Her leather jacket and coral lips are perfect.
  • This is definitely the coolest wedding invitation I've seen. Modeled after an album cover, it's got awesome graphics and just the right amount of humor.
  • Sometimes it's all in the details. You can just tell by looking at this photo that the girl behind it has got some style. I'm oohing and ahhing over her satchel and cuff.
  • I was eying an old fashioned straw holder at a home store last weekend and a light bulb when on when I saw one used as a pencil holder. Brilliant!
  • I'm loving Miss Moss' 'things I like right now' series, and I'm pretty much on board with everything that Catherine from Wolf Eyebrows listed. In fact, I got that Laura Lombardi necklace on Monday and haven't taken it off since.
  • Another interior from what feels like out of my dreams. It was, of course, spotted on Aubrey Road - she's my twin when it comes to architecture and interior aesthetic.
  • How beautiful is this sketch/watercolor painting of Thom Yorke? Part of me wants to get it printed and framed. Or give it as a gift to a true Radiohead fan...
  • Booked a trip to explore Portland this week and keep revisiting Alyson's beautiful wedding. If this is what Oregon looks like, I may become a permanent resident.
  • So in love with these minimal animal photos. I think they'd be darling in a nursery. And given the fact that I received no less than three baby shower invitations this week, someone may just get lucky.
Sorry for the light posting this week, just been getting things in order. See you back here on Monday - have a wonderful weekend! JC


3 Responses to “weekly roundup...”

  1. Happenstance
    8/27/10, 7:45 AM

    That Thom Yorke watercolor is pretty great. Have a great weekend!

  2. Patricia Ann
    8/27/10, 7:54 AM

    I can't believe it's the weekend (again). Time goes by so fast.

    I adore that music inspired wedding invitation. It could have been totally cheesy but this one was well thought out and works.

    Thank you for the re-link back. :)

    Patricia Ann

  3. Jenny
    8/27/10, 12:51 PM

    twins! haha, i know what you mean...