weekly roundup...

Posted on | 06 August 2010 | 2 Comments


1. this wedding in iceland is so beautiful, it gives me the chills. can you imagine?
2. the most charming cottage nestled in the forest that is speaking to my less modern/minimalist side.
3. the beauty of paris during the day and in the dark - no words can describe it.
4. perhaps i'm in need of a vacation, but this week i've been overwhelmingly drawn to photos of far off locales. these images of italy are pure bliss.
5. gorgeous book covers by coralie bickford-smith of f. scott fitzgerald's classic novels.
6. get a load of this stunner, the flag halyard chair - furniture design done quite well.
7. jeana's in love with her clare vivier bracelet, and so am i! is there anything she designs that isn't perfect?
8. a DJ and swing dancer with a ton of style - loving the classic look of cara wolinsky's ensemble.
9. carrara marble and a cup of espresso. this photo is so perfect in its simplicity.
10. love design sponge's interpretation of living in amelie - will always be one of my favorite films.
heading northward this weekend for a little r&r. hope you all get some lovely weather to enjoy this august weekend outside. thanks for all the new visitors and lovely comments this week - it truly makes my day. JC


2 Responses to “weekly roundup...”

  1. Jenny
    8/6/10, 1:56 PM

    gasp! what a beautiful photo!

  2. {this is glamorous}
    8/16/10, 12:58 PM

    thanks for the link-love and hope you're well xo