[update] a new look...

Posted on | 24 August 2010 | 5 Comments

I've been working on sprucing up the place a bit. Nothing too extravagant, but take a look if you've got a chance. I don't know about you, but I often treat my blog as I do my home. I get sick of looking at the same thing everyday and feel it needs a seasonal makeover. Also, it coincides perfectly with my 3 year blog anniversary! It's definitely been a blast "meeting" all you lovely and creative folk. Here's to 3 more years!

The above photo is a polaroid taken on 690 film and reminded me of new beginnings...


5 Responses to “[update] a new look...”

  1. jennifer ▲ i art u
    8/24/10, 11:52 PM

    love the site re-design! i feel the same way!!! i need change all the time!

  2. Anonymous
    8/25/10, 2:27 AM

    I do love the new banner. (I kind of miss the orange font though.)

  3. Anonymous
    8/26/10, 6:05 PM

    Looks great! Congrats on three years of fabulous!

  4. Nicole Sylianteng
    8/28/10, 1:00 AM

    congrats on the redesign! looks real fresh.

  5. Apt. #34
    9/13/10, 7:46 PM

    congrats on the updated look my dear! And thank you for the consistently fabulous content!