[interior] toronto minimalism...

Posted on | 25 August 2010 | 3 Comments

My sister hopped on my computer this weekend and opened up the Design Sponge home tour of Nikole Herriott. My jaw immediately dropped. In an attempt to curb my jealousy, I'm attributing much of it's charm to the fact that her father began Herriott Grace.

I love the minimal nature of it with a hint of the country through materials like aged oak and linen. And if anyone knows where her sweet leather satchel is from, do tell. Nikole also has a blog that is equally inspiring: forty-sixth at grace.


3 Responses to “[interior] toronto minimalism...”

  1. Anonymous
    8/25/10, 10:05 AM

    Loving the new layout! So fresh and clean and me like this minimal apartment. I need to get myself a pretty globe for display.

    Patricia Ann

  2. A Night of Fashions
    8/25/10, 12:22 PM

    I love the animal tapestry on the wall!! So pretty and unique. Nikole has a great home, thanks for sharing!

  3. jennifer ▲ i art u
    8/26/10, 11:18 PM

    wow wow wow. what an amazing space. nikole is so inspiring...love the idea of a father + daughter team.