weekly roundup...

Posted on | 16 July 2010 | 4 Comments


1. first things first: i've jumped on the pinterest board and cannot be more excited. i'm on an image collecting frenzy, and you can follow me here.
2. beautiful windy streets through the village of st. paul, captured by nichole.
3. if i ever design a nursery, this graphic 'bear exercise' print is going in it.
4. loving this lady's chic, white ray ban clubmasters. perfect for summer.
5. a cookie with the consistency of a cake? sounds like a sweet-tooth dream come true.
6. techno-bite that made me smile: a letterboard app that turns your iphone into an airport sign. i'm using it the next time i pick up a visitor from LAX.
7. a "stolen moment" at the getty in los angeles, one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.
8. i've had the national's high violet on repeat for months now, and brian brilliantly captured their recent performance in london.
9. love this black and white lace dress, from miu miu's pre fall 2010 collection.
10. and just some simple phrases and a lovely video to inspire you this weekend.


4 Responses to “weekly roundup...”

  1. Anna Liesemeyer
    7/16/10, 9:00 AM

    That picture makes me want to jump right it! Just found you on pinterest and am now following. I LOVE it!

  2. Happenstance
    7/16/10, 9:40 AM

    Love Massimo photos! Love your blog. Have a great weekend:)

  3. Richie Designs
    7/16/10, 5:36 PM

    Now that kinda camping I'm up for!!

  4. Ashley
    7/19/10, 6:40 PM

    Can't wait to check out Pinterest. Great roundup--looking forward to looking at more archived lists.