in the details...

Posted on | 30 June 2010 | 3 Comments

...jaw-dropping looks from stella mccartney's spring 2010 lookbook. i may be a little behind on this, but her past two collections have been my absolute favorite.



3 Responses to “in the details...”

  1. Kate @ {wit + delight}
    6/30/10, 11:41 AM

    that bold stripe/floral combo is one of my faves. don't know if i could pull it off, but cheers to gal who can!

  2. nyc lu
    6/30/10, 3:50 PM

    i love that big belt, the moroccan-y sweater, and the striped/floral grandma look! so scrumptious.

  3. claudia bravo!
    6/30/10, 5:35 PM

    so glad you shared this! the first outfit and third are my absolute favorite. thanks for sharing