crisp white...

Posted on | 08 June 2010 | 5 Comments

i've been completely shying away from color lately. there's a lot to be said for understated and clean spaces...



5 Responses to “crisp white...”

  1. Daniella
    6/8/10, 12:40 PM

    Love, love, love all white...

  2. Adele @ modernemotive
    6/8/10, 1:34 PM

    Beautiful. If only it would stay clean... i.e. my white PB chairs - what was I thinking? I have 3 dogs! Ha.

    Great blog. Just found you today.

  3. alli/hooray
    6/8/10, 1:51 PM

    Love these...that bathroom is adorable.

  4. Anonymous
    6/8/10, 6:00 PM

    i've been shying away from color too! it's very unlike me, which makes it so much more exciting. lovely post!

    xo Alison

  5. Anonymous
    6/9/10, 5:45 PM

    Gorgeous! I love the styling in these beautiful photographs. White is so clean and fresh and that's why I love it!