afternoon tea...

Posted on | 04 May 2010 | 5 Comments

had the lovely pleasure of meeting a friend for tea at boxwood cafe at the london hotel in west hollywood this past weekend. it was such an indulgent few hours of tangerine tea, currant scones, tomato compote sandwiches and the most delicious array of desserts i've feasted my eyes on. and, of course, the interiors were equally swoon-worthy.



5 Responses to “afternoon tea...”

    5/4/10, 12:37 PM

    loooving the curved booth seat/chair combo. genius.

  2. PabloDuda0若愛
    5/4/10, 9:13 PM


  3. Colleen
    5/4/10, 10:28 PM

    That sounds like a dream, what a fun afternoon! I love the upholstered chairs and chandeliers.

  4. jensen taylor
    5/4/10, 11:24 PM

    the furniture and lighting in there are amazing!
    & i just noticed the floor.. incredible.

  5. Aron
    5/10/10, 8:56 AM

    I'm not sure we ever made it there when we were living in West Hollywood. Something to come back to when we visit my wife's folks.
    Looks awesome!