written in ink...

Posted on | 20 April 2010 | 7 Comments

having spent the weekend at coachella, i saw quite a few creative tattoos, and while i never did before, i'm starting to understand the reasoning behind it. if i ever did, i think it would be typography-related; i could stare at a well-designed type face all day.



7 Responses to “written in ink...”

  1. Some Style...
    4/20/10, 10:42 AM

    so true! i envy them! always wanted a tattoo! something like a butterfly or written text! but my skin is just too sensitive! ;/

    love the images!


  2. Post Grad Hair Cut
    4/20/10, 11:50 AM

    I haven't been able to get that tattoo (bottom left) out of my head since I saw it on Cup of Jo. Betsy Dunlap's calligraphy is divine. I think I would definitely go down that route.

  3. jessica | destined to design
    4/20/10, 12:20 PM

    Yeah, same here. The commitment seems a bit scary, but love these ones.

  4. larooblog
    4/21/10, 8:30 AM

    bottom left-hand corner is Tony's friend/co-worker, Francis! Lucy and Orla are his twin daughterrs... I fell in love with that one, too!

  5. larooblog
    4/21/10, 8:33 AM

    p.s. new layout looks great!

  6. jessica | destined to design
    4/21/10, 9:44 AM

    Lex - No way! Such a small world. Think that one's my favorite. The script is perfection.

  7. Jenny
    4/21/10, 2:15 PM

    the tables have turned!