the inspired life

Posted on | 09 March 2010 | 4 Comments

talk about smart marketing: to find out who wears their brand, cole haan teamed up with the selby to see their designs in action on interesting (read: incredibly artsy and chic) individuals. each of them have some element of easy living that inspires me.

...via cole haan


4 Responses to “the inspired life”

  1. Jenny
    3/9/10, 1:49 PM

    Very smart indeed. And very persuasive!

  2. Jane Flanagan
    3/9/10, 6:56 PM

    So great!

  3. blue moss
    3/10/10, 7:34 PM

    love, love, love!!!

  4. KT
    3/11/10, 5:13 PM

    I saw one of their ads on and it totally grabbed my attention because of the photography. Kudos to the Art Director!