mixtape monday, no.12

Posted on | 01 February 2010 | 1 Comment

*sidenote: slightly embarassed to have cover art for the new moon soundtrack on here, but the song is brilliant.

1. bon iver & st. vincent | roslyn
2. yeasayer | ambling alp
3. owen pallett | lewis takes action
4. nick drake | pink moon
5. new order | age of consent
6. monsters of folk | say please


One Response to “mixtape monday, no.12”

  1. Ocean in Between
    2/1/10, 7:45 AM

    I'm new to your blog, it's beautiful! but I particularly like your monday posts! :) the music you gather is always awesome!

    p.s. I just checked the new moon soundtrack via the link you gave, and the entire album is surprisingly cool! don't be ever embarrassed, not even slightly :)

    thank you!