weekly roundup

Posted on | 29 January 2010 | 2 Comments

*loving the use of modern art in this san francisco residence by douglas dirkin design.

1. an adorable vintage clothing dealer/zooey look-alike with a wardrobe to die for.
2. just a simple house filled with mid-century classics - who needs more?
3. alas! a well-designed frozen yogurt bar. a shame it's in berlin.
4. show your love for your favorite travel destination with these cute embroidered vintage maps - i'll take paris, please.
5. who needs a window seat when you can make a lovely book display like this?
6. what a transformation! check out this enviable san francisco loft makeover. reminds me a bit of the room by amy devault.
7. these paris polaroids are making me long for those days walking around the city for hours on end with nothing but a camera and sketchpad in tow.
8. one ticket to alaska, please - these photos are divine.
9. a restaurant to satisfy even the sweetest sweet tooth - i think i'll be swinging by soon.
10. and last but certainly not least, rip j.d. salinger. check out this sweet first edition of the catcher in the rye. i'm sure it'll sell for a pretty penny at auction.


2 Responses to “weekly roundup”

  1. Jaime
    1/29/10, 11:08 AM

    Such a pretty blog you have- found via another blog! That art is gorgeous. Going to check out these links :)


  2. 愛睏
    1/30/10, 1:29 AM

    cool blog,期待更新.........................