au revoir + weekly roundup

Posted on | 22 November 2009 | No Comments

somehow i've managed to be completely swamped and have only had a second to regroup now: two days late. however, still wishing you all a happy weekend (it's not over yet!). hoping some pictures of my pup at the beach will make up for it. me

1. a puppy party that pretty much melts your heart - they're all so cute!
2. a pretty idea to spruce up your thanksgiving spread - mint water.
3. channel your inner parisian with a green beret.
4. you can never go wrong with a classic envelope clutch.
5. a collection of colored pencils in ever color imaginable.
6. awesome packaging for the six feet under box set.
7. easy but hearty kale salad.
8. some vintage bus tickets that would look amazing framed.
9. a great round-up of men's oxfords - i can't get enough of them lately.
10. a delicious recipe for mexican chocolate on a crisp autumn day.