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Posted on | 08 October 2009 | 1 Comment

a tuesday book reading and signing of juliet, naked by nick hornby at the skirball left me with one blaring conclusion (aside from the obvious: british accents make anything more enjoyable to listen to, and approximately ten times more entertaining) that i need to get my head off the computer and into some books. my new year's resolution to knock one out per month pretty much died after february, and i am ashamed. so, on that note, please send me some of your must-reads. the following is just a sampling of what i'd like to finish by year's end. also: is anyone planning to see an education this weekend? i heard it's fantastic.

{images from top left: when you are engulfed in flames by sedaris, zeitoun by eggers, an education by hornby, juliet naked by hornby, you better not cry by burroughs, how we are hungry by eggers, via amazon}


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  1. Anonymous
    10/9/09, 5:57 PM

    a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, if you haven't already.

    the architecture of happiness, if you want some more heady inspiration where work is concerned.

    the english patient, because it's beautiful. (and also my favorite book, even after all these years).

    east of eden, because it's classic in the truest sense.

    happy reading!