au revoir

Posted on | 31 July 2009 | 2 Comments

yay! last weekend before the move (though you can hardly call one block south a move), but i'm excited to get out of here nonetheless. what are your plans for the weekend? other than packing, i plan to get in a little bike riding, a little marathon training, and will be hiking runyon canyon for the first time. see, you can have fun in LA without spending any money.

{image of runyon canyon by nicholas chasing via flickr}


2 Responses to “au revoir”

  1. blue moss
    8/1/09, 7:29 PM

    have a great weekend...packing totally overwhelms me, so i hope yours goes well. i accidently rejected the comment you made about the gap shoes (with a bunch of other comments.....i don't know how i did that!!!) so sorry. anyway, i'm sad they are sold out, too...
    all the best

  2. JRDMdesigns
    8/5/09, 10:03 PM

    AHHH UR MOVING?!?!?!? can we please chat one of these days... i feel left out with all these exciting events happening! miss you