can't stop staring...

Posted on | 02 August 2010 | 4 Comments this black-wall bathroom from the home of lauren bradshaw. the wood frame mirror, yellow accents and white subway tile are perfect.



4 Responses to “can't stop staring...”

  1. designstiles
    8/2/10, 1:28 PM

    Having subway tile installed in our bathroom now. Love that yellow towel.

  2. nyc lu
    8/2/10, 4:33 PM

    what are those yellow flowers[??] they're great in those orb vases!


  3. destined to design
    8/2/10, 5:58 PM

    Hm, good question. Love those flowers, too!

  4. blue moss
    8/3/10, 5:18 AM

    Very the little bits of yellow