blast from the past...

Posted on | 06 July 2010 | 6 Comments excited to see that is starting to archive images from domino. how great would it be if they cataloged all of the interiors from beginning to end? one can wish...



6 Responses to “blast from the past...”

  1. Anonymous
    7/6/10, 9:03 AM

    yay for Domino! have a nice week! xoxo

  2. katrina
    7/6/10, 10:35 AM

    i get happier each time i see this!

  3. nyc lu
    7/6/10, 5:19 PM

    artwall on top of stripes?? faaaab. i miss domino!

  4. Louis Duke
    7/11/10, 7:55 AM

    love it

  5. KT
    7/13/10, 1:08 PM

    I heard about this! Fabulous!!

  6. Marzena
    7/30/10, 3:51 PM

    the striped wallpaper is truly fantastic...