vertical garden...

Posted on | 07 May 2010 | 4 Comments

the ideal way to bring a bit of the outdoors in - a vertical garden wall in your living room. probably involves some intense maintenance, but it sure does look cool. flip through the rest of the slideshow over on the new york times.



4 Responses to “vertical garden...”

  1. Color Collective
    5/7/10, 8:46 AM

    very cool!!

  2. Lushe
    5/7/10, 7:31 PM

    Love that vertical garden.


  3. lauren carney
    5/9/10, 7:15 AM

    these are really beautiful photos.
    i love the one with the blonde lady.
    her hair is perfect!
    just like your blog!

  4. jessica | destined to design
    5/10/10, 9:58 AM

    Aw, thanks Lauren! + thanks for stopping by!