for the record: melinda of lion in the sun

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1. FAVORITE DESIGNER? jonathan adler, morgan lefey, lotta jansdotter

2. FAVORITE RESTAURANT? gramercy tavern or blue hill at stone barn
3. FAVORITE PLACE TO HAVE A DRINK? the temple bar in nyc or our brooklyn roof deck
4. WHAT CAN'T YOU TRAVEL WITHOUT? my iphone. i am an obsessive e-mail reader.
5. LAST BOOK YOU READ? danny meyer's setting the table
6. ANY PETS? 2 cats, izzy and luna
7. WHAT'S FOR BREAKFAST? quinoa and scrambled eggs with chiracha sauce
a broadway star or folk singer
9. BIGGEST SELF-INDULGENCE? food and eating at good restaurants - it's where i want to spend all of my free time and money
10. FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP? kenneth cole, barney's co-op outlet, stewart+brown website, and to be honest (completely honest) bed, bath & beyond for kitchen gadgets
11. WHOSE DIARY WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO READ? janis joplin, i bet she has some great stories
12. FAVORITE FURNITURE DESIGNER? i'm not really a furniture designer kind of girl but anything shaker, quaker or mid-century modern. but i'm more likely to go to the crate and barrel or room & board route (shame).
13. CAR? no thanks, walking is too easy in my 'hood, but if i had to have one, a mini cooper would suit me.
14. ALWAYS IN YOUR CLOSET? black jersey dresses, black cotton dresses, black cardigan sweaters
15. HOBBIES? cooking, reading about cooking, and shopping to cook
16. HERO? people who forge their own path. oh, and my dad, j.
17. WHAT PIECE OF ART WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO OWN? an original jackson pollock or a kadinsky
18. FAVORITE VACATION SPOT? splurge vacation: the almafi coast. or the more reality vacation: new orleans in the winter.
19. FAVORITE MUSICIANS? luciana souza, joni mitchell, tom waits, wilco, cake, and lately i've been into pink (go figure).
20. CURRENTLY COVETING? old school classic frye boots in dark brown

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