snap shots...

Posted on | 30 April 2010 | 4 Comments

got lost perusing laure joliet's photography portfolio. i love how genuine all of the images feel - not contrived or staged in the slightest.



4 Responses to “snap shots...”

  1. C
    4/30/10, 8:50 AM

    The most beautiful images I've seen today. She captures natural light so wonderfully and there's a sense of quiet serenity too. Thanks for introducing her to us!

  2. Nicole Sylianteng
    4/30/10, 11:44 AM

    Hey! That first picture is of West End, the condo right across our back parking lot. You should go visit one day.

  3. Diana
    5/2/10, 4:47 AM

    the floor of that first image is utterly amazing.

  4. laure
    10/2/10, 1:28 PM

    aw, thanks for the nice words, happy to find your blog!