dressed to kill...

Posted on | 28 April 2010 | 8 Comments

some men just get it right.



8 Responses to “dressed to kill...”

  1. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime
    4/28/10, 10:44 AM

    And he certainly does... hot! :)

  2. Design Darling
    4/28/10, 11:57 AM

    hey, loved your guest post on apartment #34! he looks amazing here... so sharp!

  3. Anonymous
    4/28/10, 12:02 PM

    not so much into blond guys! but i would make an exception for Mr. Ryan Gosling! he looks so so stylish, very handsome, indeed!

  4. Jenika
    4/28/10, 2:56 PM

    good god. you got that right!

  5. Lillian Chang
    4/28/10, 5:02 PM

    I know!! How do they do that?!
    (These fellas look sharp :)

  6. Chelsea
    4/29/10, 9:14 PM

    Yes! American guys need to learn how to wear European cut suits and not the baggy clothes that most of them in the US wear!!

  7. Google
    5/2/10, 5:48 AM

    Wowza! Is that Ryan Gosling?! Very sharp.

  8. jessica | destined to design
    5/2/10, 7:34 AM

    It is Ryan...what a beauty, huh?