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Posted on | 12 March 2010 | 8 Comments

dear readers, the day has finally arrived. tomorrow i depart to new york for a week long vacation (though with my current itinerary, i'm not sure there will be much relaxing). this trip is very near and dear to my heart as it has been my goal for the past ten years to visit this city that i've come to fall in love with only in my dreams.

so for the next week, posting will be light, but i've prepared a few new york-themed posts for you all. meanwhile, if any of you are new york natives and know of some 'must try' stops, i would love for you to leave me a comment here. or e-mail me at destinedtodesign@gmail.com if you want to meet up! au revoir.

...via the city sage

1. a beautiful hand-crafted wedding with the most stunning dress i've ever seen
2. take a peek inside heidi's forthcoming book - i love seeing someone's design process
3. the most beautifully decorated bookcase (and use of verner panton's s chair)
4. love the idea behind these illegal underground restaurants and so badly want to go to one
5. the artist lunch - so many beautiful colors and details in one photo
6. wonderfully warm interiors that bring the outdoors in - spring is so close
7. i would very much like to add these shades to my wardrobe, inspired by daniel day lewis in nine
8. an outfit i wish i could own inspired by my favorite film of the year
9. a beautiful video that lover created for their new line, the harvest
10. downtown north carolina architecture by matt herring - simple yet beautiful


8 Responses to “weekly roundup”

  1. Jaime
    3/12/10, 12:01 PM

    Enjoy your trip! :)

  2. Jenny
    3/12/10, 1:13 PM

    Fun! One of my favorite things to do is see the planetarium show at the Natural History Museum. I want to one day live at ABC Carpet & Home. And then there's all that food...where to start? Chelsea Market is like heaven. Momofuku Milk Bar. The High Line. There's never enough time!

  3. Jane Flanagan
    3/12/10, 3:55 PM

    Great links! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Crystal @ Plush Palate
    3/12/10, 6:23 PM

    I'm new to your blog and in love already! Enjoy NYC! I'm looking forward to your posts :)


  5. JRDM designs & photography
    3/12/10, 7:04 PM

    Jess have a BLAST! Im so excited for you =)
    I love love love this picture... so cute!

    Cant wait to hear about ur trip <3

  6. lk
    3/13/10, 2:14 PM

    definitely go to vintage shop stella dallas on thompson near bleecker! i bet you'd love it! and i suggest cafe gitane for a mid-afternoon snack after shopping downtown... on mott street just below houston.
    have fun!!!

  7. Anonymous
    3/14/10, 10:52 PM

    I do like ur article~!!! ........................................

  8. Richie Designs
    3/17/10, 10:49 AM

    omg you're going to fall in love.

    it's as good as you think, only twice as expensive.
    I can't find my biz card for a village Italian place. Go to little Italy though and have lunch it's an experience.

    don't forget Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake while you're out and about shopping