time for a change

Posted on | 22 March 2010 | 3 Comments

the street style of young new yorkers stuck with me most, and i've come home with a more solid direction of my own personal aesthetic (if that makes sense) and a desire for change. i've got a haircut on wednesday, and i'm taking miroslava with me (again) for some bang inspiration.

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3 Responses to “time for a change”

  1. Daniella
    3/22/10, 8:44 AM

    Love when something inspires you like that! Hope your trip went well. Sounds like you had a great time!

  2. KT
    3/22/10, 6:07 PM

    Oh my god, I got bangs last week! I'm still undecided about them. They look so cute on most girls but I don't know if I'm pulling them off or not. Good luck!!

  3. Design Darling
    3/24/10, 2:35 AM

    oh my gosh, she is gorgeous! so happy you had a nice trip and hope you'll share your new haircut with all of us!