tiny little chairs

Posted on | 05 January 2010 | 2 Comments

so i know christmas is over, but if anyone is ever wondering what to get me as a gift, i've just fallen in love with these tiny little chairs necklaces (via swissmiss). it's about time someone honored MCM in jewelry form.

...via tiny little chairs


2 Responses to “tiny little chairs”

  1. JRDMdesigns
    1/5/10, 8:45 PM

    Hummmm ur KILLING me with these miniatures =P
    adorableeeeeee love it!
    I think Dina would love to put them in her office... no take it back, she would wear them and make tons of noise! hahahahahahahahah remember how we would get distracted! ohhh the FIDM dayssss

  2. destined to design
    1/6/10, 2:19 PM

    hahahaa - yes! the jingling. can never forget the jingling!