honorable mentions

Posted on | 21 January 2010 | 7 Comments

some lovely ladies that certainly inspire me on a daily basis have been so kind as to do a few write-ups about this, here, blog. i'm truly honored and incredibly grateful. thanks, guys!


7 Responses to “honorable mentions”

  1. Daniella
    1/21/10, 11:02 AM

    You deserve it! Both lovely blogs as well!

    1/21/10, 11:18 AM

    this is so great! congrats jessica!

  3. destined to design
    1/21/10, 12:03 PM

    you're too sweet, thanks guys!

  4. Sammy
    1/21/10, 2:29 PM

    Totally agree. One of the design blogs I'm addicted to :)

  5. Moderne Press
    1/21/10, 9:07 PM

    You totally deserve it! (And thanks for the kind shoutout here.) xo

  6. Moderne Press
    1/21/10, 9:08 PM

    You totally deserve it! (Thanks for the shoutout too!) xo

  7. Anonymous
    1/31/10, 10:22 PM

    congrats, congrats, congrats, jess! it really is all happening, isn't it...? :)