for the record: ellie of mint

Posted on | 25 January 2010 | 4 Comments

*major kudos to ellie for sticking to the one-word answers. to see more from this talented designer, visit her blog | twitter | flickr | tumblr | facebook

favorite designer? wary-meyers
2. favorite restaurant? thai
3. favorite place to have a drink? outside
4. what can’t you travel without? camera
5. last book you read? mystery
6. any pets? dog
7. what’s for breakfast? cereal
8. at age seven, you wanted to be... president
9. biggest self-indulgence? lattes
10. favorite place to shop? anthropologie
11. whose diary would you most like to read? grandmother's
12. favorite furniture designers? eames
13. car? ?
14. always in your closet? jeans
15. hobbies? reading
16. hero? grandmother
17. what piece of art would you most like to own? eesh. amy bennett?
18. favorite vacation spot? thailand
19. favorite musicians? andrew bird


4 Responses to “for the record: ellie of mint”

  1. Post Grad Hair Cut
    1/25/10, 10:43 AM

    Love your blog! Great quick interview of another favourite blogger!

  2. Jane Flanagan
    1/25/10, 12:05 PM

    Love Ellie and love her list. Thanks to both of you for sharing!!

  3. nichole
    1/25/10, 1:51 PM

    Kudos to Ellie for sticking to one word! Great interview.

  4. Jenny
    1/25/10, 4:35 PM

    one word answers are def an accomplishment!