wishlist 2009

Posted on | 09 December 2009 | 1 Comment

since i never know what to get anyone enough to create a gift guide, i thought i'd highlight a few things that have got me excited this holiday season.

1. a bottle of il conte d'alba moscato d'asti - my favorite wine. sweet and perfect with dessert; almost tastes like apple cider.
2. turquoise chopper headphones - i think these would be a nice change from the ol' ear buds. plus, they're turquoise and brown.
3. apple magic mouse - i can't tell you how many times the roller ball on my mighty mouse gets stuck and ends up completely nonfunctional.
4. spain on the road again dvd - i only ever got to see the first episode, but loved it. dying to see the rest.
5. desserts by pierre herme - a co-worker of mine once made a dish from here and i almost died. likewise, his macaroons during my stay in paris made each and every day a little bit better.
6. bloch silver jazz shoes - i haven't yet convinced myself to drop $130 on a pair of shoes. but they're so pretty, and just what i've been looking for forever.
7. plaid woven top - another item i've had on my mind for awhile but never really been able to find one just right. this one looks pretty on par.
8. leather driving gloves - adore the green hue of these, and will be needing a pair for a trip to NY in march.
9. photoshop fridge magnets - just because they make me laugh and my fridge is currently empty (via swissmiss).
10. faux sheepskin rug - need a rug for my apartment. not sure if it's the most functional, but certainly warm and cozy with that scandinavian feel i love.

EDIT: see, also, everything on joanna's gift guide today.


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  1. Roberta Jane
    12/9/09, 10:03 PM

    The silver jazz shoes are sooo cute!